Picasso :: Extremely Limited Edition

Picasso :: Extremely Limited Edition

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Picasso, we hear this name and immediately have an image of an amazing artist. Now you will know him as a famous wild horse who is branded as “America’s most famous wild horse”, this stunning pinto Mustang quickly became a symbol of the American West.  

Picasso is the most famous wild horse by far, and he has several Facebook groups dedicated to tracking his movement. 

People travel hundreds of miles for the rare chance of seeing Picasso in his natural home.

In the wild, Picasso has been the leader of several bands. A band usually consists of one stallion along with a few mares and their yearlings. Stallions compete with each over control of the bands, and many of those competitions are fights to the death. 

Picasso hasn’t been spotted for quite some time now in 2021 and it is feared he may have passed away. Although this isn’t confirmed and is unlikely ever to be.

This image of Picasso was inspired by a photograph by Scott Wilson who took this captivating image of Picasso in the wild.  I used the image of Picasso and incorporated the beautiful, equally majestic, Rocky Mountains in behind him.  Using the brilliant colors and whimsical brush strokes on both Picasso and the scenery definitely gives the piece a true Tara Rex touch.

They are currently only offered in 9"x12".  The photo is edge to edge, no borders.

The smaller print is 4"x6" centered on a 5"x7" sheet.

All photos will be signed.