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Thank you, Nurses - Art Prints

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Thank you, Nurses!!

 10% of EVERY print sold goes towards supporting mental health for nurses.

We all know a special nurse, don't we?  Little did you know, I was a trauma nurse for several years.  I received art scholarships in high school, but decided to get a degree in nursing instead. Fast forward to now, I have 'retired' from nursing and have become a fulltime artist.  Wanting to honour my past profession the nurses whom I graduated with who are still in the profession working on the frontlines, I painted their beautiful mask covered faces. 

This painting represents not only these 5 nurses, but ALL the nurses who have dedicated their lives; who have worked countless hours saving lives; who have shed countless tears saying goodbye to patients who have died from COVID-19; who have had deliver the horrible news that loved ones have died over the phone to heart broken family members who haven't been able to physically touch or see their person because of lockdowns; the heartbreaking stories are endless.  The truth is, nurses and others have endured nothing like this during their career thus far and hopefully never will have to again.  The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the medical field to it's core globally. Nurses have gone above and beyond, they've had to think outside the box, and still maintain the highest quality of care even when it seems like people are dying every corner turned.  However, with that said, there are also the WINS and the SUCCESSES that need to be celebrated and not forgotten!  Let's definitely celebrate the COVID survivors who have been on the edge of death and rebounded and have returned home to their families! NURSES are there during these amazing events!  They are in it! They catch patient's when they are crashing and critical, they recognize when s#!+ is about to hit the fan, and they ACT. 

Nurses are SMART. 

Nurses are STRONG. 


Nurses are BADASSES. 

NURSES SAVE LIVES, my friends.  

Being a nurse is not easy.  It is a HARD job.  If you know a nurse, I encourage you THANK them for doing what they do. They will look at you sideways I'm sure, but just let them know you SEE them and you know they are making a difference in this world.

NOTE: These prints will be printed on Professional Fuji Crystal Archive paper for full dynamic range. These are the same professional photo printing archival papers ensuring that valued prints will be around for generations to enjoy.  These prints are not the Giclee prints as my are prints are available in. 

If you would like to special order a LARGER sized print, please contact me directly at